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Ryan M. Evans

Because Everyone Loves A Good Jazz Square
History-As the heir of the Evans enterprise, the young male Evans has always been a bit on the hyperactive side. In attempt to channel some of their son's energy the couple enrolled him in his sister into dance classes. It was there that Ryan found his calling, much to the dismay of his father who started to abuse him claiming that no son of his was going to be "some gay dancer". The effects later causing Ryan to become somewhat depressed. Now at age 16, the young man has been in 16 school productions with his sister, is still recovering from the scars left from his father, and is always actively seeking the approval of those around him.

Family-While Ryan detests his father, he is rather close to his mom and sister. Although Ryan is the younger twin, he often finds himself involved in one of his sister's schemes, and is usually the one that has to bail her out when things get too tough.

Friends-Ryan's role in the gang, is the one considered to "everyone's best friend," and as a people pleaser tries to always be there for his friends. Besides being close to his sister, Ryan is also close friends with Kelsi, Millie, and Haley. Ryan also has developed a crush on Kelsi, and feels threatened by her budding relationship with Kabel, but puts up with him for Kelsi's sake. He is also oblivious to the fact that Millie has a crush on him, but enjoys spending time with her and her son. And while he gets along pretty well with both Taylor and Gabriella, he is not as close to them as he is with the other girls.

Due to the way that his father had treated him Ryan is almost unable to make friends with other males. While he does have a couple of male friends he tends to keep most guys at arms length especially towards those he doesn't know well.

School-Due to his active role in the theatre department and the fact that most of his friends are female, many of his classmates consider him to be "gay." Although he has not mistreated by Troy and his gang, he has been the target of bullying for some of the other jocks, causing Ryan to have a strong dislike toward the school's athletes.

Disclaimer-I am in no way affiliate with Lucas Grabeel. Ryan Evans is a character for a roleplay: highschoolmuscl.